Hotel of Secrets metaverse

About the project


Hotel of Secrets is an innovative metaverse offering a captivating and immersive virtual reality sexual experience. This is a place where people from all over the world can indulge their sexual fantasies and communicate with each other in a hotel environment that caters to a wide variety of tastes and preferences. Our platform offers a variety of locations, allowing users to explore and experiment with the different scenarios they desire.

Hotel of Secrets is the first metaverse where players can meet and have sex with other people including for a fee. Users control the process without restrictions, they get a real emotional connection, or can create a non-player character with any parameters. The metaverse runs on Unreal Engine 5 on our server, and the image is transmitted according to the streaming principle. This provides a realistic image for users from any device. Our neural network Amberi helps to control the process by recognizing voice commands.

Guaranteed access to beta version
And many other privileges for HOS Token holders.
Available on Uniswap and Poocoin.