Hotel of Secrets metaverse

The first unlimited metaverse where you can satisfy all your sexual fantasies.


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About the project

Do whatever you want

Hotel of Secrets is the first metaverse where players can meet and have sex with other people including for a fee.

Users control the process without restrictions, they get a real emotional connection, or can create a non-player character with any parameters.

The metaverse runs on Unreal Engine 5 on our server, and the image is transmitted according to the streaming principle. This provides a realistic image for users from any device.

Our neural network Amberi helps to control the process by recognizing voice commands.

Screenshots of the metaverse

Beautiful graphics that work on any device

The graphics are powered by Unreal Engine 5 and runs on our server



The sexual part is needed to overcome the degree of difficulty of entering the metaverse for people and reach a critical mass of users. This will enable all the incredible possibilities of the metaverse – to study, work, buy and much more.

Q1-Q2 2023

Already done

Conduct research

Develop the concept of the metaverse

Develop the first locations

Develop the first characters

Develop Amberi AI language model

Fair Launch on Pinksale in BNB

Listing on Pancakeswap

Listing on Azbit

Q2-Q4 2023

In process

Weekly AMA

 Fair Launch on Pinksale in ETH

 Listing on Uniswap

Develop physics and animation of moving characters

*Top Secret*

Develop interface elements

Refine the sex scenes

Refine the characters

31.07 Launch of the Alpha version with access for HOS holders


Will do

Refinement of the metaverse

Improve Deepfake

Launching the beta version

Launching a large-scale advertising campaign

Launching a skin store

*Top Secret*

Disable sell tax

Listing on the largest CEX exchanges (By bit, Binance)


Team about Hotel of Secrets

In 5 minutes we will tell you about our project and its advantages.


Nice to meet you

We are happy to present the project and are always open to your suggestions and feedback.

Maxim Golskiy

Co-founder, CMO

Konstantin Weber

Co-founder, CEO

Dmitriy Maklakov

Co-founder, CFO

Guaranteed access to alpha version

And many other privileges for HOS Token holders.
Available on Uniswap and Poocoin.