presale big buy competition

Prize fund is 5,000 USDT
The contest is over, the prizes will be paid until May 25. All payment confirmations will appear on this page later.
Growth potential
Our cryptocurrency has huge growth potential, especially after the launch of the game.
Currently, the purchase of the coin ensures the launch of the beta version of the game, which is already attractive to many investors. However, as the game grows and attracts more users, we expect an exponential rise in the value of the coin. This is because the coin will be required for any in-game purchases and users will be forced to purchase it in order to access the full functionality of the game. This will create a large demand for the coin and increase its price, which will lead to an increase in potential profit for investors who bought the coin at the presale.
At the end of 2022, we conducted a study in several large cities in Russia, China and Indonesia, and found out that almost every second person is waiting for the launch of such a metaverse. Based on these data, a number of independent experts have estimated the growth potential of HOS Coin up to 2000% in 2023.