our neural network

Amberi AI
We created a group of neural networks and named it Amberi. It is a convenient and innovative way to interact with our metaverse.
Amberi is designed to facilitate interaction between players, overcome the language barrier and familiarize users with game mechanics, as well as help in the adaptation of the hotel environment. In addition, one of the functions of Amberi is the launch of 3D scenes on the Unreal Engine 5 engine and unique mechanics using the player’s voice request.
One of the important reasons for the creation of Amberi is to interact with users using smartphones to access our metaverse. The fact is that about 80% of the demand for erotic content falls on smartphones, which have very limited space for placing control panels, and the functionality of our metaverse has a huge range of different options for action at any given time. Thus, it would be impossible to place control buttons on a smartphone and at the same time leave a sufficient area for the perception of what is happening – this is exactly what the Amberi voice assistant will help users with.
Thanks to its self-learning ability, Amberi can improve your query and make obvious corrections. In the perspective of the appearance of brain implants for remote control of technology, we are counting on the possibility of reading mental constructions to embody them in our metaverse without voice control.